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I am Pastor Peter, and I invite you to join me on this dedicated platform for spiritual guidance and empowerment. With a deep devotion to the teachings of Jesus, I serve as the Senior Pastor at the Voice of Pentecost Church, Life Center in Central Monrovia, Liberia. I am dedicated to providing active teachings, preachings, and counseling to passionately empower individuals to live a life enriched by faith.

Throughout my journey, I have achieved remarkable milestones. As a trained Architect, I utilize my creativity to inspire others through worship music and multimedia services. My commitment to mentoring and modeling Christ, along with my loving family consisting of my wife Oluwatosin and our son, truly sets me apart as a compassionate leader and life coach.


Deep and meaningful lessons from the teachings of Jesus, tailored to help you grow in your faith and live a life enriched by it.


Powerful and inspirational messages delivered with passion and conviction, designed to challenge and inspire you to live a purposeful life.


Professional and compassionate counseling services that provide practical guidance and support for individuals and families facing various challenges in life.

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Join Pastor Peter each morning as he ignites your spirit and sets your heart ablaze for the day ahead. This daily devotional stream isn’t your average quiet contemplation – it’s a vibrant, interactive experience designed to connect you with God, community, and purpose.


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As you believe God, reach out to people of faith to stand with you in your expectation of God’s wonders.