I just want to take this time to salute your grace sir, i bless God so Much for bringing you to us, you are always there to console, pray and teach us to follow the right path. Through you I have learnt a lot of things that has changed my life and made me a better person. Every time i sit with you i learn a new thing that which I’m grateful to God for your life. Thanks for not being just my spiritual father.but always there to help me. I’m grateful sir


Kassah D Kekula
Pastor Peter Impact In Liberia
The Voice of Pentecost Church--Life Center has been a transformative force in my life over the past 20 years of servant growth. The vibrant empowering teachings have enriched my spiritual and social journey, with emphasis on love, service, and personal growth that inspired me to live with purpose and kindness. Lately, with the presence of pastor Ogundele T Peter, the various programs and events, he has introduced, I have found a sense of belonging and a deeper connection to my faith as a Deacon and a music minister. The ministry's supportive environment and genuine fellowship have truly impacted my life in profound ways, helping me to grow spiritually and make a positive difference in the world.
--Joseph Sunnae Kannah Jr (Deacon) 2024
This is to testify the goodness of the Lord upon my life through our brother, Pastor and friend, Pastor Peter. He is a true and anointed man of God. His ministry in Liberia has been a blessings to Liberia, and to people in Liberia and around the world. My family and i are a testimony to this great commission. He is not just a Pastor, he is also a great father and a friend, he is just a phone call away. Thank you Pastor Peter for all that you do, working tremendously against the power of darkness, thanks for allowing God to use you mightily for his people, and for his glory. I pray that he God continue to strengthen you in his vineyard, as we awaits the coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Blessings.
Testimonies from Pastor Peter Ministry
My name is Princess Mitchell.
Thanks for all the ways you lead and guide the church. From teaching, mentoring, leading, serving and guiding, Pastor, you give a lot of time, energy and heart to the church. Thank you for being such a great example of living a lifle of faith. Your ministry as been a blessing to the church and me as an individual, both physically and spiritually, your advises, encouragement and prayers had help my life alot. My physical and spiritual life as reaching this far because of the teaching, the love and examples you show us as followers of Christ. To admit there are many things l never knew but, from the day I recognized you are a call servant, your teaching and the help of the Holy Spirit my eyes had been open to many things. Thanks for all the ways you make a difference in the church and community. Through the teaching of Christ you have make the church an encouraging and faith building place it is. We as a church, as a family, as a community and as an individual bless to have you as our pastor.
Pst Jestina T Dafuwah
Sir, I am immensely grateful for the profound impact your ministry in Liberia has had on my life. Your teachings have significantly shaped my sense of focus, while your exemplary personal life has served as a transformative force in my existence. Your dedicated trainings have molded me into the person I am today. I want you to know that your personality and leadership have made you a mentor to me over these years. I cannot express my gratitude enough, but I give all glory to God in the highest for the blessings your ministry has brought into my life. Thank you for being a beacon of inspiration and guidance.
Youth Impacted by Pst Peter
Mensah Q. Suku Jr
Beyond doubt sir, you are indeed a gift to my life and destiny. Today I am proud to call you a life coach. Engaging with you has been nothing short of transformative. Your expert guidance, tailored strategies, and compassionate support have propelled me through a remarkable journey of self-discovery and growth. I've gained valuable insights, conquered obstacles, and emerged as a more confident and empowered individual. This experience has not only impacted my personal life but has also positively influenced my professional endeavours. Gratitude abounds for the profound transformation this encounter has brought into my life.
Positive Influence of Pst Peter Ministry in Liberia
ISAAC Olawale Ife, Nigeria.
Hi my name is Joma S. Teah a member of the voice of Pentecost life center where pastor Peter is pastoring. Firstly I’m working to one of the best restaurants in Liberia 🇱🇷 why it’s because of this Man call pastor Peter he has so much anointing. It was this day at my old work place I passed at the supermarket to get one or two things for myself and a voice spoke to me to get something for my mom and my pastor I was like but I didn’t make much money and besides my mom will be happy with what I will give her but my pastor he’s a man of God I can’t give him this little thing ,when i save enough I will get him a bigger wine ,again the voice spoke to me to buy the same thing I’m getting for my mom I said okay and I did exactly pastor Peter was so happy and prayed for me . It was 2days after I got a call from my old school mate to go at the place I am working currently, so i can be interviewed I went there and I was asked to bring only my CV the next day I carried it hoping to start work maybe 1 week after giving my CV. But I started immediately I mean the same day God is Good . And I was also thinking I was going to be a cleaner or a waitress but they took me to the cashier department and I’m still there and well respected people think I’m the manager it is all because of the Grace and anointing pastor Peter has .Doing the 2021 crossover he once said dress the way you would like to enter 2022 and I dressed like a manager it works like magic 🪄 since pastor Peter became my pastor I have never lack anything rent, school fees , provisions money , beauty etc late last year I was trusting God for certain amount of money like 1600 usd I didn’t begged anyone it came with ease . Pastor Peter is a true servant of Christ And a great teacher And a great lover ,counselor and advisor.
Joma S. Teah


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